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Iranian oil company to Feng Bao pipe industry audits

On November 13, 2017, two people from Iran's state-owned Southern Oil Company (NISOC) and our company agent went to inspect Fengbao Pipe Factory. Li Jingmin, general manager of the company, Xiao Yongzhong, deputy general manager, Jiao Songshan, deputy general manager and met with the details of the situation.


Li Jingmin, general manager, said in May this year we participated in the international exhibition in Iran, and achieved good results. Iran is rich in oil and gas resources, and our agents are very influential in the region. Coupled with the quality of Fengbao pipe products, Iran will surely achieve good results in the Iranian market. I hope Southern Petroleum Company auditors to objectively and truthfully reflect our level of production and equipment capabilities, submitted to the headquarters for review.


In view of some information has been submitted earlier, this time mainly to see the scene. Audit staff more professional, from the quality inspection center to three workshops, all look more detailed, more questions.


In the QA, ask in detail how to track the raw materials, how to do a good job of product traceability; before the probe equipment, not only asked the performance of the machine, but also open the device to see how many probes. Factory workers meticulous style of work also left a deep impressiononus.ac1fabf4b71126f32dae79efe041affc

After a one-day audit, factory inspectors gave us a lot of valuable advice and expressed our satisfaction with our overall strength. In particular, it is proposed to supplement the information of workshop 89 in order to assist us in accessing the network within two months after returning home. After the success of the network, we will be eligible to participate in the Southern Petroleum bidding business.


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