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Fengbao Datong Beiben Heavy Truck 4S Store Opening Ceremony and Delivery Ceremony is being held

On the morning of December 18th, the opening ceremony and delivery ceremony of Beiben Heavy Carlin State Datong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. (4S shop) was held. City leader Hao Quanji, chief expert of weapons, Zhou Yawei, director and chief engineer of Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Group, Li Guangtai, deputy secretary general of Linzhou Municipal Government, director of key office, Li Guangyuan, chairman of Fengbao Group, general manager Li Jingmin, etc. The masses and others participated. The ceremony was hosted by General Manager Li Jingmin.

Hao Quanji said in his speech that Fengbao Group is a pillar enterprise in Linzhou, and its Fengbao Logistics is the leading industry in Linzhou City. Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Group is a nationally renowned heavy truck enterprise, which has great influence and coverage in the domestic heavy truck industry. The successful operation of the backbone enterprise and 4S shop has opened a good position for the strategic cooperation between Fengbao Group and Beiben Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. to further enhance the influence of Linzhou in the northern region and even the national heavy truck market and the visibility within the industry, and enhance the logistics and transportation industry in Linzhou. The level of development will play an important role in promoting and promoting. I hope to continue to deepen cooperation further. I believe that the two sides will be able to achieve win-win cooperation, share development opportunities and create a better future!


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