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Manager's team about three chapters of the law - Fengbao Special Steel held annual work conference

On the afternoon of December 30, the company's manager team members held the first retreat. The conference focused on the company's high-quality development requirements, closely related to 2018 personal work, performance evaluation results, 2019 guidelines and implementation, the three main themes of the team's work style, serious analysis and summary of problems and deficiencies in individual work, to carry out criticism and self Criticize and discuss in stages.

At the meeting, Li Jingmin, secretary of the company's party committee and general manager, first deeply analyzed the way he worked, and self-criticized his own shortcomings. Sincere exchanges have made everyone heart-to-heart, and the leaders have started from their own work, found out the deficiencies, and actively proposed corrective measures for the next steps. On this basis, we discussed and passed the "Three Chapters of Fengbao Special Steel Senior Leadership Law".


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