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Fengbao Special Steel 2018 Awards for Advanced Awards Ceremony

At 19:00 on January 20, 2019, Fengbao Special Steel Group held a grand award ceremony for the award of advanced model workers in 2018, Wang Baoyu, Hao Quanji, Sun Yonghong, Li Wangsheng and other city leaders and representatives of the company's 2018 advanced collective, advanced individuals,scientific and technological progress awards, etc. More than 400 people witnessed the awards.

Among them, 89 rolling mills have integrated the world's advanced rolling process technology. In 2018, the company achieved production in the same year, and exceeded the annual mission goal, creating a miracle in the steel pipe industry. Another winner is the steel market, the successful completion of the beginning of three varieties of 180,000 tons and 27 million tons of oil casing pipe task, and strive to make Fengbao pipe oil industry to become a supplier to do to enhance the operational efficiency of the whole year.


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