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Chief Engineer of Beiben Heavy Truck Group to Fengbao Heavy Branch

    On June 4, Zhou Yawei, Chief Engineer of Beiben Heavy Truck Group Company, visited Fengbao Heavy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. on the spot to discuss cooperation. During this period, we visited the 89 small caliber continuous rolling seamless steel pipe production line of Fengbao Pipe Industry. Li Jingmin, General Manager and Chairman of Fengbao Heavy Branch Co., Ltd.

    During the communication between the two sides, General Manager Yu Chenglong of Fengbao Heavy Branch introduced the basic situation of the thermal expansion bridge project, the basic principle of the thermal expansion bridge and the excellent features of the products. Through PPT, chief engineer Zhou Yawei introduced the product types, vehicle product characteristics, product market direction and market share of Beibei Group, the current situation and trend of truck industry, the position of Beibei products in the market, the technical characteristics of Beibei Bridge, its application, product subdivision and application fields. The word "characteristic" is the most frequently used word in Zhou's general introduction, which shows that Beibei is at the forefront of technology and leading in quality in the field of heavy vehicles. The two sides discussed and exchanged views on the next step of cooperation.

    It is understood that Beiben Heavy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. is a large high-end pillar heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer directly under China Weapons Industry Group. In 1988, a complete set of exclusive manufacturing technology and equipment for Daimler Benz heavy truck was introduced from Germany. In December 1995, it was fully completed and passed national acceptance. Now it has grown into a backbone enterprise with great influence and coverage in domestic heavy truck industry. The product pursues safety, reliability, high efficiency and energy saving. It takes advanced and unique Mercedes-Benz technology as its core, deeply integrates the rigorous and leading military technology. Through digestion and absorption, independent innovation and integrated development, it has built up a scientific research and development team with complete disciplines and a mature and perfect scientific and technological innovation system. It has independent intellectual property rights and patents in many professional fields.


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