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The world's first 89mm three-roll continuous pipe mill has been completed and put into operation in Fengbao Pipe Industry, Linzhou

    On December 19, Linzhou Fengbao Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fengbao Pipe Industry") put into operation a 89mm seamless steel tube continuous rolling mill. This project is the first time in the world to apply Six stand three-roll continuous rolling mill to the production of small-diameter seamless steel tube. The whole line has achieved a high level of automation control and intelligent manufacturing, with the main technical indicators reaching the world's leading level.

     Wang Xinwei, Deputy Secretary of Anyang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Anyang Municipality, announced that the third phase of Fengbao Pipe Industry Project was officially put into operation.Li     Jingmin, General Manager of Henan Fengbao Special Steel and Chairman of Linzhou Fengbao Pipeline Industry, introduced the basic situation of the project.In October 2016, Fengbao Pipe Industry began to construct a 89mm seamless steel tube continuous rolling mill with an annual output of 200,000 tons. The main construction contents include 70,000 square meters workshop, 89mm seamless steel tube continuous rolling mill, three pre-finishing production lines, two bearing and boiler tube heat treatment lines and their public and auxiliary facilities. It mainly produces high-end products such as boiler tubes, bearing tubes, oil well tubes and automotive tubes with diameters from 25 mm to 114 mm. It is a modern seamless steel tube production line highly integrated with process, equipment and automatic control. Fengbao Pipe Industry and the participating units have jointly innovated, integrated advanced continuous rolling pipe production technology and core equipment, and adopted the most advanced side roll changer in the world. The six-stand three-roll restricted continuous rolling mill and 28-stand stretch reducing mill are equipped with complete process control model. By using high-response hydraulic servo roll gap control system and highly automated control system, the "sharpening rolling" of the continuous rolling mill, the wall thickness control of the stretch reducing mill and the control of CEC (head and tail thickening end control technology) are realized, so that the project can be completed in a very short time of 20 days. The debugging and one-time hot test are successful, which has refreshed the historical records of similar projects. Unit 89 will work with existing 273 units and 159 units in Fengbao Pipe Industry to realize the serialization of seamless steel pipe product specifications, which will enable the seamless steel pipe production capacity of Fengbao Pipe Industry to exceed 1 million tons.In the process of project design and construction, Fengbao Pipeline Industry adopts the most advanced advanced advanced technology of deep flue gas treatment and waste heat power generation in the world. The flue gas meets the special limit of flue gas emission and can realize waste heat recovery and utilization. The latest international water treatment technology, such as rare earth disk and composite membrane ceramic filtration, is adopted to realize the full recycling of production water.

    Vice Secretary of Anyang Municipal Committee, Mayor Wang Xinwei, Deputy Director of Development, Science and Technology and Environmental Protection Department of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, Qin Song, Deputy Secretary-General of Steel Tube Branch of China Steel Structure Association, Secretary of Linzhou Municipal Committee Wang Jun, Mayor Wang Baoyu, Deputy Director of Raw Materials Department of Henan Industry and Information Committee, Yang Yong and Fengbao Group, and staff of Fengbao Management Industry attended the launch ceremony.



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